June 7, 2023

I don't need to tell you that there's plenty of things that can make us feel stressed out and on-edge. I won't list them either. It maybe dozens of times a day that we need to get ahold of our mind and consciously submit our thoughts to the lordship and will of Jesus. He's the Prince of Peace who said that He gave HIS own peace to us!

Later this month, on Wednesday, June 28th, we're having an Anti-Anxiety Night. "WHAT'S THAT?!?!" you ask? It's a designated time and space for peaceful reflection, meditation on Scripture, prayer and journaling, where we can allow the peace of Jesus to fill our hearts again. Taking this kind of time allows the Holy Spirit to fix our perspective and restore hope in our hearts. If you are harried and worried or fearful and anxious (and who isn't?!), make plans to join us in the sanctuary at 7pm on Wednesday, the 28th. All are welcome.

Last Sunday, we studied in Acts 13 about the church in Antioch and their Commitment to Obedience. This was a commitment to obey BEFORE they knew what it was God would ask of them. They made a practice of "ministering to the Lord" and being ready to sacrifice anything in order to do what He wanted.

This Sunday, Harley Westfall is bring the message out of Act 13 and the first missionary trip Paul and Barnabas take.

AND the kids are helping lead in worship. Don't miss it!

Other reasons to mark your calendar:
  • This Sunday, June 11th, the kids are leading in worship!
  • Father's Day, Sunday, June 18th
  • Independence Day, Tuesday, July 4th.
  • National Night Out, Tuesday, August 1st
  • Coffee with Pastor Jonathan- Set up a meeting with me HERE!

I'll see you in church!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Jonathan

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