May 10, 2023

Last Sunday, we had a wonderful time in the Lord's presence! It was such a beautiful experience to sense the Holy Spirit so close together as a family.

In the message from Acts 11, we looked at how the Jewish believers had a hard time shifting their thinking about the role of the Law of Moses and why they kept it. Before Jesus, the Law was what you kept in order to be clean and a suitable people for God to dwell with. After Jesus, keeping the Law was an act of worship to God, but Jesus makes you clean when you repent and believe. Jesus fulfilled the Law! This, of course, means that the Gentiles who never kept the Law in the first place were now clean as they came to Jesus.

For you and I, the point is to be very careful that we don't set ourselves up to get stuck in doing things that we feel make us acceptable to God. AND don't look down on others who don't do it the same way you do it!

"What God has cleansed, no longer consider unholy." Acts 10:15

This Sunday, we're looking at the beginning of the church at Antioch, which became 'home base" for Paul and Barnabas. It was comprised of mostly Gentiles, whom God had declared CLEANSED. A wild time.

Don't miss it! (Acts 11:19-30, if you're studying ahead. Join me!)

**In my last email, I put my calendar link out there for you and I to schedule some time together. I encourage you to take me up on that! If there's nothing in that calendar that you can work with, let me know and we'll find another time. Let's talk, pray and get to know each other. Got questions bugging you? Anything sincere is worth the time.

Here's the link.

Important Calendar Notes:
- Mother's Day is this Sunday!
- Church Yard Work Day- Saturday May 20th. 9am-3pm Sign-up HERE

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Jonathan

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