March 29, 2023

My daughter Annabelle turned 7 years old this week. Crazy. One of our family traditions for birthdays is breakfast in bed. The birthday girl chooses what she wants for breakfast ahead of time, and I’ll get up early to get that prepared for them. We sing “Happy Birthday” and love on her for a bit.

As a birthday approaches, we start asking the birthday girl what she wants for the meal (so we can be sure to have it on hand that morning). She will make a list of the things she’d like, usually including crepes with Nutella, fruit, bacon, etc. Dinner is also the birthday girl's choice. This was my 7 year old’s list this year…
I loved how she spelled things phonetically and just plain guessed at the structure.

Do you ever feel like you don’t know how to adequately express your heart to God in prayer? I sure do. I feel clunky and clumsy. I have no idea how to say the right words and sometimes I feel like my ability to say things right will affect whether He hears me.

But the truth is that God loves to hear you and be with you, even when you don’t know the right way to communicate your heart. Just like I loved to see this note from my little girl! It makes no difference whether she spelled things like the Chick-fil-A cows. As parents, we love her and want to hear from her. We delight in meeting her needs and maybe even spoiling her a little bit!

So relax about formatting your prayers (and spelling). Your Heavenly Father loves you and knows how to care for you.

This Sunday, we’ll be wrapping up our message series on Salvation. Big shout out to Corey Kingman for an awesome message last Sunday on Adoption as an aspect of our salvation.

Calendar Notes
- Palm Sunday! This Sunday. Kids are joining us for worship and singing the first few songs!
- Don't forget to bring back your bags of stuffed Easter Eggs if you took one home this week!
- Resurrection Sunday! April 9th. Invite and bring someone who needs to hear the Good News of Jesus.
- Men’s Breakfast- Saturday, April 15th, 8am in the Great Room. Sign up HERE!

I'll see you at church!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Jonathan

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